Latest Loggings - March 9, 2010

Stephen Ponder <stephen_ponder@...>

Latest Loggings - March 9, 2010
Sangean DT-400W Barefoot
All Times UTC
780  XEWGR  Exa Radio, Monclova, Coahuila, MEXICO – March 8th at 0839 heard “Exa Mas Musica” ID’s and wall-to-wall pop music selections.  No local spots, no announcers, just fast-paced music.  Co-channel WBBM was nulled out.  Checked this frequency again on March 9th at 0530, heard local spot that mentioned "Monclova" and "Coahuila" along with "Exa Mas Musica," so I feel sure this is the station.

1100  XETGO  Radio Cañon, Tlaltenango, Zacatecas, MEXICO – February 28th at 0605 heard with “Somos … Radio Cañon” ID’s, checked signal against their webstream ( ) and it matched!  My very first Zacatecas station!  Special thanks to Kirk Allen with this one!

1110  KVTT  Mineral Wells, TX – March 8th 0029 – At tune-in, heard outro for rel pgm “Unshackled,” followed at 0030 by IDs, “The New KVTT” and “The New KVTT 1110 AM.”   Musical selections were Christian Contemporary.  ID’s heard at 0035, “It’s Music You can Wrap Your Soul In – The New KVTT and KVTT.Com” and at 0039, “The Songs that Draw You Closer and Closer to Abba Father – The New KVTT and KVTT.Com.”   At 0044, heard a singing ID, “KVTT” and at 0045, a short musical piece, then PFFT!   Their signal was gone!   Must have been a pattern change because they did not do a sign-off statement.   Thanks to a tip from Kirk Allen, I was able to snag this one!

1210  KGYN  Guymon, OK – March 5th  0623 – Heard with local spot for Farmer’s Credit of Western Oklahoma, then ID at 0624, “US Country 1210 KGYN.”   Into “Midnight Trucking Radio Network,” then another ID at 0633, “US Country 1210 KGYN,” followed by national weather forecast.   Good, strong signals with little fading.

1300  KSET  Beaumont, TX  – March 5th 1459 – Heard ID “The All-New 1300 AM KSET” and into CBS Radio News.   At 1503, announcer gave local time, “KSET News Time 9:03,” then into local weather forecast with outro by female announcer, “The All-New 1300 AM KSET, I’m Janice Stone.”  Good, clear signals.

73 and Good DX'ing!!
Stephen H. Ponder, N5WBI
Houston TX 

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