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> Way to go, Jim! Tnx for posting your loggings. I have a whole page of notes for the Cubans tnx to you. Excellent catch on WBNW. I think I briefly had WBZ in last night, but it wasn't audible for long.

Hey, Kirk! You may recall from a recent post of mine that WBZ moves around a lot. :) Chris Black posted a couple he recorded last night, that look like good candidates from here, and one should be good from Tejas.

540   DOMINICAN REPUBLIC   HICM R ABC, Santo Domingo  08Mar10 0259 - HICM sign off with National Anthem.  - Recorded - Fair with off frequency growl noted from YNOW, NCG. Thanks to Sylvain Naud via RealDX for anthem verification. [Black-MA]

540.18   NICARAGUA   YNOW R Corporación, Managua  08Mar10 0259 - Man in Spanish mixing with Dominican Republic National Anthem on 540. Fair after DOM signoff at 0300. - Recorded - Fair [Black-MA]

I've logged HIJM on 1090 but Nicaragua would be a new one. There's a 50-kW station in Orlando but their night pattern isn't too bad, and the usual Cuban (Rebelde). Going to try for both of these stations tonight and tomorrow morning.

Several times I've tried for Honduras and Nicaragua on 650, but WSM is a killer. The first day of the absorption event when WSM was weaker didn't pan out. Honduras is only 900 miles from me, mostly over water, so it shouldn't be too hard, but all I've heard is WSM and the usual Cuban. another Rebelde.

73 and good DX,

Jim, KR1S 

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