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> For those interested in the profit margins of the Chinese PL-380 sellers
> on eBay, the actual retail price of the model in Hong Kong was confirmed to
> be $293 HK, or about $37.56 US.

It may be more than that. I recently bought a battery charger from Hong Kong. It was smaller and lighter than a PL-380, but they charged me about USD1.00 for postage and it got here in about the same length of time as the PL-380. I think anon-co is hiking up the shipping charges to make a few more dollars on which they don't have to pay eBay commissions.

Based on the HK retail price it's costing Tecsun about USD8.00 to make a PL-380. You'd never know it from the antenna, would you? :)

Next time Ruth goes over, send along some good Litz wire and see if she can get it into the right hands. If Tecsun knew what they were missing they might stop wrapping their antennas with copper-plated egg noodles.


Jim, KR1S 

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