Re: Hong Kong Retail Price of the Tecsun PL-380


hi gary,

Of course, it doesnt really cost 24 dollars to ship a small radio to the u.s., they're making about 15 dollars on the shipping costs. its an old ebay trick. sell something for 10 bucks and charge 30 dollars to ship it.

i wonder how many more radios they'ld sell, if the shipping costs were 10 or 12 bucks.

another cost comes if the radio doesnt work, and you have to ship it back, then wait for a replacement radio to come back again.
4-6 weeks maybe.

i wonder when they'll add a removable antenna to the 380, like they did on the 360 ? after everyone has already bought their 380's ???


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Hello All,

For those interested in the profit margins of the Chinese PL-380 sellers
on eBay, the actual retail price of the model in Hong Kong was confirmed to
be $293 HK, or about $37.56 US.

My XYL Ruth (KC7BAR) is currently visiting her parents there, and purchased
three PL-380's at the regular HK retail price for some local Puget Sound
DXers. Of course, I would have asked her to buy out the store's stock, but
didn't want to have her held up by US Customs upon her return :-)

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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