Re: Receiving Your First Thrilling TP on a Stock Ultraligh...


No, the TRF has several modification, including the addition of
transfilters which was suppose to improve selectivity. On the
occasion of hearing JOUB, it was connected to a Space Magnet antenna.
I still use the TRF, primarily for listening, not DX. It has an
output to a digital frequency display which has long since
disappeared. Actually, I don't feel the Realistic TRF Model 12-655 is
as good as (at least any better than) the SRF-39FP, SRF-T615 or DT-
400W for DXing. But in its time it was a cheap alternative for those,
like myself, who couldn't afford a HQ-180. It was a simple receiver
and DIY modification.

I hope that answered your question.

On the propagation side, I heard France-162 and Morocco-171 last
evening, and early this morning CFMZ-740 was over/under KRMG (109
km./68 mi. away). So maybe things are picking up as we head into
autumn. I hope so.

Richard Allen.

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