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Gary DeBock

Hi Gordon,
Welcome to the group (and it's especially nice to welcome another Puget Sound ULR DXer). We have a close group of Ultralight radio fanatics here in western Washington (the birthplace of the ULR boom in late 2007), and we are always eager to add more converts!
Your barefoot PL-380 should be able to receive quite a few TP's when conditions improve, especially in the fall season. During the spring, conditions may allow you to hear some of the "big guns" around sunrise, if you have the chance to DX during that period. The PL-380 certainly is the Ultralight radio of choice for transoceanic DXers, and should prove very successful in DXing this year.
Kevin Schanilec of Bainbridge Island lives fairly close to you, and has submitted various antenna articles to our Ultralightdx file section. Quite a few enthusiasts like Keith Beesley live in Seattle, while Guy Atkins and I live in Puyallup (a fairly good location for nulling out west coast QRM, when chasing TP's :-)
Feel free to check out the numerous articles in our Ultralightdx file section, many of which were written by our local Puget Sound DXers (a review of the PL-380 is posted at
Good luck in ULR DXing!
73, Gary DeBock, N7EKX (in Puyallup, WA)   
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I've got a PL-380, a DE1103, and am looking at one of the Kchibo DSP models, either the 96 or the 95.

The only way in which the PL-380 does not outperform my DE1103 (using the same external passive antennas) on mw is that without a bfo I can't very well try to zero-beat a carrier and determine if there's another signal under there.

Probably because of the antenna, the lw performance of the PL-380 is worse than my DE1103, even with the DE1103 mw image problems. I haven't logged any mw TP yet, but have gotten plenty of Idaho, California, Colorado, British Columbia and Calgary stations. The PL-380 is my radio of choice for long walks, displacing the venerable Sony SRF59 due to signal stability when walking around corners.

Gordon Cooper
Bremerton WA USA

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