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I've got a PL-380, a DE1103, and am looking at one of the Kchibo DSP models, either the 96 or the 95.

The only way in which the PL-380 does not outperform my DE1103 (using the same external passive antennas) on mw is that without a bfo I can't very well try to zero-beat a carrier and determine if there's another signal under there.

Probably because of the antenna, the lw performance of the PL-380 is worse than my DE1103, even with the DE1103 mw image problems. I haven't logged any mw TP yet, but have gotten plenty of Idaho, California, Colorado, British Columbia and Calgary stations. The PL-380 is my radio of choice for long walks, displacing the venerable Sony SRF59 due to signal stability when walking around corners.

Gordon Cooper
Bremerton WA USA

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