Two New Stations Overnight

Kirk <kirk74601@...>

I listened quite a long while tonight and did come up with two more for the TX log. Hrd on SRF-59 w/ SAT.

970, XEO, Matamoros, TM, 0018 UTC, 3/9/10, I was parked on this freq for 2 solid hours, and this is the one new station I could pull out of a BIG SS station pile-up. I believe it was this sta playing pop type vcl mx. 0118 "Radio Gallito" ID by M ancr, then a W ancr gave the same ID. As big a jumble of stations that were here, it was tough to tell which sta was doing what. Also hrd XERFR w/ ID-a relog.

1100, R. Rebelde, site?, Cuba, 0325 UTC, 3/9/10, looking for Cad. Agramonte here, but hrd this one instead w/ IDs and tlk. Only audible for a few minutes until faded below WTAM. Didn't have time to check // freqs, but the IDs were unmistakable. WTAM VY strong tonight, but it faded down long enough to leave Rebelde in the clear briefly.

73 everyone.

Kirk Allen
Pasadena, TX

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