Re: PL-360? anyone have one yet?

Gary DeBock

Hi Farmerik,
There was a PL-360 "first impressions" post written here about a month ago (which you may have missed), so it is pasted below. A 11-photo PL-360 album has also been uploaded to the Ultralightdx file section, if you are interested in the physical details.
73, Gary
First Impressions Post (from 2-9-10):
Hello All,
The Tecsun PL-360 is the latest model in a series of Si4734 DSP-chip based designs from China's premier radio manufacturer, and it comes with a price tag ($45.99 plus $24.00 shipping from eBay's "Anon-co") about the same as the PL-380's and PL-310's with which most of us are familiar. Probably the easiest way to describe the new PL-360 is to compare it to these well-known models, especially by concentrating on the features left out in this new radio.
First of all, as an AM-FM-SW model, there is no Long wave coverage. The PL-360 has its DSP filtering fixed at the 3 kHz setting (like the PL-300WT/ G8 models), which makes it less than optimal for 9 kHz-split DXing enthusiasts. The plug-in rotating loopstick is interesting, but its 2" length really doesn't provide AM sensitivity close to either the PL-380 or PL-310. The audio from the tiny speaker is a shade less pleasant than that of the larger radios, and the whip antenna is also a shade shorter-- detracting from the FM and SW reception somewhat. Unlike the PL-380, full-blown soft mute seems to have been restored in this consumer-oriented model.
The PL-360 has all of the Si4734 chip functions with which we have become familiar, however, and its 1 kHz tuning steps do provide the necessary capability to enjoy transoceanic DXing (preferably with a more serious antenna). The compact size of the PL-360 makes it easy to slip the radio in a shirt or coat pocket, and the plug-in loopstick (with a standard phono jack plug) will certainly be easy to replace with much more effective loopsticks, or external antenna connectors.
The PL-360 comes with a 22-page English owner's manual, 3 rechargeable AA batteries, stereo ear bud phones, a clip-on wire antenna, and a USB cable to allow battery charging from your computer. Silver and black colors are available, and the radio and accessories come in an attractive storage case. Full details on the new Tecsun PL-360 will be contained in an upcoming review.
73, Gary DeBock
(in Puyallup, WA, USA
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Gary - I am not surprised to hear you have too many projects going already to complete a full review. I was just wondering if anyone had any first impressions. - FARMERIK

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> Hello Farmerik,
> The Tecsun PL-360 is one of the new models here, but unfortunately there
> hasn't been time yet to tinker around with external air core loops directly
> connected to the plug-in jack. There are several experimental projects
> competing for time here, but I hope to do this as part of the upcoming PL-360
> review article.
> The PL-360 (with the plug-in stock loopstick) does have great inductive
> coupling with the PVC-framed air core loops here, although the fixed 3 kHz DSP
> selectivity makes the model less than ideal for 9 kHz-split DXing. The
> PL-310 and PL-380 would be much better choices for those hobbyists interested
> in transoceanic DXing.
> 73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA)
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> farmerik@... writes:
> I was curious if anyone had the PL-360 yet, and if so how it works with an
> external loop antenna like the Terk or Tecsun directly connected to the
> radio. - FARMERIK

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