Re: PL-360? anyone have one yet?

Gary DeBock

Hello Farmerik,
The Tecsun PL-360 is one of the new models here, but unfortunately there hasn't been time yet to tinker around with external air core loops directly connected to the plug-in jack. There are several experimental projects competing for time here, but I hope to do this as part of the upcoming PL-360 review article.
The PL-360 (with the plug-in stock loopstick) does have great inductive coupling with the PVC-framed air core loops here, although the fixed 3 kHz DSP selectivity makes the model less than ideal for 9 kHz-split DXing. The PL-310 and PL-380 would be much better choices for those hobbyists interested in transoceanic DXing.
73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA)   
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I was curious if anyone had the PL-360 yet, and if so how it works with an external loop antenna like the Terk or Tecsun directly connected to the radio. - FARMERIK

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