dx'ing from train


hi Tony,

when i tried dx'ing from inside my van, the signals were all weak, but holding the radio outside the van, made a very big difference in signal strength. you wouldnt expect glass to attenuate radio signals, maybe its all the steel in the vans body.
dont know how you're going to use this info. it certainly isnt very practical to hold your radio or antenna outside a moving train. but keep it in mind. do some dx'ing when ever theres a stop, if possible.

also, try both sides of the train, when you're going west, try the north side and the south side. sleep mostly during the day, and dx most of the night.

take plenty of batteries and multiple antennas, if you have some.
i wonder if they have 120 vac on a train to recharge batteries ????

try to work as many states as possible. it sounds like a lot of fun.

good luck, byron

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