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Thank you very much Gary for a very complete answer and even more help offered by email. - FARMERIK

PS- Our dump has a shed for good items no longer needed by there owners. I have gotten other good radios there too.

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Hello Farmerik,

The SRF-29 is one of the Sony analog portable radio family based on the
CX1129N IC chip, which provided excellent AM sensitivity and selectivity for
its early 1990's design. Other members of this family are the SRF-39 (and
its SRF-39FP "prison radio" variant), the SRF-49, and the currently-sold

All of these AM-FM portables have the same basic circuitry, but there are
individual differences in component quality. The SRF-29, SRF-39, SRF-39FP
and SRF-49 have much longer life expectancy than the SRF-59, which uses a
low-cost tuner component subject to electrical breakdown in a couple of years
(developing the notorious "sratchy tuner" issue). The SRF-39FP was
extremely popular in our ULR group in early 2008, primarily because of an eBay
seller who sold them for around $20 plus shipping. Several of these SRF-39FP
models are still providing great service.

I did about 60 alignments (and repairs) of these models for others in 2008,
so if you run into snags with your SRF-29, feel free to send it here for a
checkup. The SRF-39FP was also a popular model for modification in 2008,
including the model pictured below (having a transplanted 7.5" loopstick,
with coils matched in inductance to the stock coils). This highly sensitive
model was the only analog radio I've ever used that could receive a DU
(Australia/ NZ) station without external antenna help, receiving 891-5AN in
Adelaide, Australia from Grayland, WA in 2008. Selectivity is not its strong
point, however.

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA)

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I picked up a SONY SRF-29 at the dump today. I didn't find that model
number mentioned in the articles in the files section, so I was wondering what
sort of reputation it has for DXing?

Also, the volume control does not seem to work, it just plays full blast
all the time. I could get an in line headphone volume control from Radio
Shack I have read, or make one. This Walkman looks pretty small for me to take
apart to repair, but if it is an easy fix, I might try. - FARMERIK

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