Mar 7 Sun
1110 WJML Petoskey MI 0721 EST 10k 10w MI Talk Network 220 mi
**** NW tip of MI, 0700-0730 bear hunting tips and stories
**** then whitetail deer hunting, fadded out. #255
**** WJML'S sister station is WJNL 1210 TRAVERSE CITY MI

one story about a bear hunter that was sitting in the woods, a bear
walked up to him, put the guys foot in his mouth, the hunter said
in a commanding voice "no", the bear released him, looked in his eyes and then walked away.

was reading the mail about 1110 dx, so tuned there and picked up
northern MI. thanks guys. finally some AM content i enjoyed listening to. gonna check out that station again tomorrow.

Byron wa8lcz nr Detroit Mi stations heard 255
Kenwood TS450S, copper wire loop 26 in sq

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