Re: Snagged KVTT-1110 Mineral Wells, TX

Kirk <kirk74601@...>

Hi Steve,

Glad you nailed those guys. What surprised me was that we hadn't run across them before. Good booming sigs from a new sta are really a joy after spending hours straining to hear IDs from the pileups on various freqs...a lotta folks believe we must certainly be crazy to be so easily entertained. Years ago I had a friend that would say things like, "Don't worry abt trying to entertain this guy, he can sit under headphones for hours at a time just listening to static. That boy just ain't right." Ha ha, he was probably right:)
Keep up the great work neighbor!

Kirk Allen
Pasadena, TX

--- In ultralightdx@..., Stephen Ponder <stephen_ponder@...> wrote:

Hey Kirk!,

Thanks for the tip! I caught KVTT 1110 from Mineral Wells, TX, tonight (Saturday 06 March 2010) at 1829 CST/0029 UTC. They were doing the outro of "Unshacked," one of my favorite religious programs. I love radio drama and I especially love those organ glissandos!

Lots of "The New 1110 AM KVTT and" ID's. I was able to listen to solid wall-to-wall signals on my DT-400W until they dropped their pattern at 1845 CST/0045 UTC. Pffft! They were gone!

I think I'll drop them a verie letter and see if they send me a QSL.

73 and Good DX'ing,

Stephen H. Ponder, N5WBI
Houston (Clear Lake City) TX

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