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Gary DeBock

Hi Chris,
Well, we would have certainly enjoyed having you with us at the Old Country Buffet today! Between Chuck and Guy, there was enough combined DXpedition experience to answer almost any question related to AM-DXing antennas.
The DXpeditioners with unlimited funds may soon switch over to the QDFA antennas, based on their proven superiority over beverage models. Of course, a lot depends on the real estate available for antenna setups, since the size and shape of a beach parcel often determines which type of antenna will give the best performance.
Guy has spent a lot of time working on the QDFA array loops (and controller boxes) this winter, with most of his experimentation detailed in his Perseus SDR blog at . His latest Grayland DXpedition with east coast DXer Bill Whitacre is also fully described, including MP3's of 1017-Tonga, 1098-Marshall Islands, 639-Radio Fiji 1, etc.
Currently the SDR and ULR communities seem to be the most vibrant sub-groups in the AM-DXing hobby, and Guy and I frequently enjoy sharing ideas with each other. Having Chuck along for the luncheon was a bonus :-)
73, Gary   
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That sounds like fun! Setting the way back machine to the late 1970's,
Country Buffet used to be Royal Fork Buffet and later King's Table Buffet -
at least here in Colorado.

I remember seeing loggings from Chuck Hutton in GA from way back when. There
was an article on the QDFA antenna with accompanying sound clips. That is
quite an antenna! I don't remember where the article is or if it's still on

The next PL-380 should be here any day now. Joyce took a week off in
mid-February for Chinese New Year. The radio stands that John Bryant
recommended from Universal Radio are really nice and am going to buy a
couple more of those as well, but in the "big portable" size this time.

As far as land for antennas, I thought about stringing Beverage antennas on
nearby farm land over the winter and possibly negotiate some farm work for
the privilege, but never followed through.



Chris Knight (N0IJK)
Fort Lupton, Colorado

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Hello All,

After a local ham fair, three hard-core TP-DXers (all with solid ULR
credentials) gathered at the Old Country Buffet on South Hill (puyallup, WA)
this afternoon, for a general discussion of antennas, DXpeditions,
propagation, and anything else interesting.

On hand was Chuck Hutton, undoubtedly the most successful secret ULR DXer
(having easily received 1566-India on a stock SRF-T615 during a DXpedition
to Newfoundland in 2008), Guy Atkins (first to log a TA on the west coast
using a ULR, receiving 1575-Farda on a stock SRF-39FP in Grayland), and me
(mostly sitting in awe, listening to these two master DXers).

While Chuck gave expert advice on propagation, receivers and antennas, Guy
discussed the new QDFA antenna array (a cooperative project with Dallas
Lankford), and structural systems for large loop designs. We all discussed
the future of the Grayland Motel (currently beset with electrical noise
issues), alternative DXpedition sites on the Washington coast, and
innovative ways to persuade oceanfront residents to rent out small sections
of their property to DXers (for antennas only).

When Chuck mentioned that he was intending to purchase two new Tecsun
PL-380's, I mentioned that my XYL was currently visiting Hong Kong, and
could get them for $35 apiece for him (only)-- as long as he could give us
the MP3 of 1566-India, as heard in Newfoundland on the SRF-T615. We made a
deal on the spot :-)

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA)

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