Re: SONY SRF-29 ?'s

terribly wet

Do dumps still sell radios ??

Some auto radios could be quite good but was not sure anybody was still interested enough in these parts for junk yards to save such.

Sony SRF-29 from a dump ?

Union,Ct. ?? I'm in SW Connecticut.

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I picked up a SONY SRF-29 at the dump today. I didn't find that model number mentioned in the articles in the files section, so I was wondering what sort of reputation it has for DXing?

Also, the volume control does not seem to work, it just plays full blast all the time. I could get an in line headphone volume control from Radio Shack I have read, or make one. This Walkman looks pretty small for me to take apart to repair, but if it is an easy fix, I might try. - FARMERIK

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