ULR DX......1 NEW STN @ SUNSET....1560 WTOD Toledo, OHIO

robert ross

Hi Guys:

Local Sunset here is now past 1830 EST....and the Days are getting longer!! One NEW STN Logged for the ULR LOG Tonight during a Sunset DX Session. It is a RELOG for the Overall Log.....but I haven't heard this Station in MANY YEARS!! Also have a CALL LETTER CHANGE from a few nights ago.

Radio Used...........SONY SRF-T615 ULR Barefoot

ULR LOG TOTALS are now......816 Stations Heard

73.........ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

1560 WTOD Toledo, OHIO Mar/06/10 1756 EST EE FAIR
In WQEW Null.
Male DJ with ID @ 1756 EST as "The FCC wants us to ID at the top
of the Hour as this is WTOD-Toledo....but we're not going to!"
Into Ads @ 1757 EST. 1-800 # given. Female talked about a Missing
Dog...and played song "How much is that doggie in the window".
Into CBS NEWS @ 1800 EST. Spot for the EPA and several PSA's @ 1805.
ID by Male DJ as "Supertalk 1560". Into the Best of Laura Ingram Show
@ 1806 EST.

RELOG........BUT NEW ULR # 816 5 KW Days
690 WJOX Birmingham, ALABAMA Mar/03/10 2055 EST EE GOOD
Sports Talk..2 Males with Sports @ 2055 EST. FOX SPORTS RADIO
IDs and Promos. ID as "JOX-FM and Fox Sports Radio". Back to Sports
Talk and Fox Sports Radio Promos. Ads @ 2110 EST.
STRONG SIGNAL.....alone on the Frequency.

RELOG...but NEW CALLS ULR NEW CALLS 50 KW/500 Watts Nights

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