ULTRALIGHT LOGGINGS...2 New Ones Today...+ A Royal Mess on 1540 Khz...HELP!!!

robert ross

Hello Guys:

NIce Conditions today on Sunset Skip......lots of Relogs on seldom heard
stations....Plus 2 New Ones to boot. The real story tonight was on 1540
Khz...where I had a real Smozzle of Stations...and may need a miracle to
sort this one out!! Any comments on the 1540 Mess are appreciated as I
attempt to figure this out??? It seems in general conditions are improving
quickly this new DX Season...with lots of stuff fading up early....like
1730 hours local.

The Radio used today for these Loggings was.........SONY SRF-T615
Ultralight BAREFOOT

Station Total for ULR LOG is now.......475 Stations Heard (Pending the 1540
Mess...which may increase Total??)


1540 UNID Mess of Stations Sept/16/08 1950-1959 EDT EE FR-GD
Dominant Staion on frequency was CHIN Toronto with CHINESE..no Problem here.

I was beaming SE/NW with the ULR RADIO.

At 1950 to 1959 EDT..I have a station playing New/Old Standards
Music....MOR Stuff
Pop, Older Hits ...Nostalgia type stuff.....Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra,
that kind of stuff.
Heard 3 Songs with NO Talk in between.....except for the following which
was heard at
1956 EDT......

AN ID as follows by male DJ as.... "WADK Newport" which is in Newport
Rhode Island!!

I think this is a 1KW DAYS ONLY....but may have applied for 5 KW Nights
according to some Info I found on the net??

Now here's the Puzzle......I can only see 2 NOS Stations on 1540.......


Neither of which are SE or NW from me...although WLOI is
West/Southwest...WBCO is DUE SOUTH.

WADK is indeed SE of me!!

At 1956 EDT...I THINK both of these DAYTIMERS would be Off the
Air.....Maybe not WLOI in Indiana??

Now..if WLOI was still on the air.....they are in a city that sounds
Similar to NEWPORT....namely LAPORTE!!
However.......WLOI....doesn't even sound close to the WADK ID I
heard...even if I mistook Newport for Laporte??.

So...the 2 stations that the Music part of this logging could have been
should have been off the air?? The ID for WADK...which was quite clear is
for a station that also should have been off the air...UNLESS they now have
their 5 KW Power Increase for nights.

I am sure the ID I heard was WADK...and not WLOI. However...WADK is NOT
NOS....it is TALK???

So what the hell did I hear in this mess?? WADK??? WLOI?? or maybe the NOS
was WBCO??? I may never be able to figure this out...or I may have 2 New

Anybody have any thoughts on this???

1340 WWPA Williamsport, PA. Sept/16/08 1854 EDT EE FAIR
ID by Male DJ @ 1854 EDT as "And now back to ???? on WWPA 1340".
Then into the Jumble.

NEW STATION for Overall Log NEW ULR # 474 1 KW
790 WLSV Wellsville, NY Sept/16/08 1917 EDT EE FR-GD
Under CIGM Sudbury. Older Classic Country Music. Johnny Cash and June Carter
"If I were a Carpenter" @ 1917-20 EDT. Female DJ spoke at 1920..."Real
Country" ID.
Into more Older Classic Country Songs 1920-1925 EDT.

NEW STATION for Overall Log NEW ULR # 475 1 KW/41 Watts Nights

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