Re: logs 3.3.-4.10

Carl DeWhitt

The 1000-1200 UTC period only works for me 2 mornings a week as i am normally working then.However,i have an extra night off this week.So i plan on taking advantage of it.

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I checked for a// for Enciclopedia 530 on 1260 and 1410 but nothing
heard.A Spanish speaking station was heard underneath the dominant
station on 560(which was in English) between 0036-0050 .But sleepiness
set in and could hardly keep the eyes open.So i will periodically
recheck for this.

Congrats on the logggings, Carl. The 560 could have been another
Rebelde, so you may be able to check it by parallel to 600 again.
There's a 560 English-language sports station in Miami, WQAM, 1000-W
night, so it shouldn't be a problem for you.

The Enciclopedia 1260 and 1410 outlets are probably daytime-only. From
Tennessee you may be able to catch them at their sign-on. I logged the
1410 at 1040Z and the 1260 at 0004Z, I think just before it went off the
air. Early to bed and early to rise seems to work best for the little
Cuban stations. Since I started logging and re-logging for the Cuba
Centurian on January 26, of the 96 stations, 27 loggings came over a
two-week period just concluded, when I was listening from 1000-1200Z.


Jim, KR1S <>

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