unidentified on 1503 khz

Allen Willie

 Hi Guys,
Pretty good evening here in the North Atlantic for TA's . Some very strong . One has me puzzled though, at 22:10 UTC I was hearing fast -paced  drumbeats then commentary and then more drums and so on with my SRF-M37V
 The language definitely wasn't english or spanish or  anything I recognized as familiar. Sounded similar to french a bit but  was some type of african dialect possibly. Nor did it sound like the  usual chants from the Middle East.
Looking over my frequency  resources at hand , Senegal comes to mind but I'm not sure if they are still on 1503 as the WRTH lists from 2005
With no ID I know  its not much to go on, maybe the fellows who have been to Cappahayden and the Newfoundland Dxpeditions may have an idea for me on this one. If so thanks , appreciate it.
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland

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