logs 3.3.-4.10

Carl DeWhitt

Cuba-Radio Rebelde 1180 2353-0003 3.3.10-3.4.10 heard // 600 with what may have been a sports broadcast,Radio Rebelde i.d. and mention of Santiago de Cuba.poor-fair on peaks.echo effect noted on 1180 but not 600.I will count this as 2 transmitters.SRF-59 barefoot.
KTRS 550 St.Louis,Mo 0033-0036 ad,i.d. and possibly them with 'Coast to Coast AM ".poor.SRF-59 barefoot. maybe relog.
CBK 540 Watrous,SK,Canada -tentative. 0014-0028 3.4.10 CBC Radio 1 programming with apparent nx magazine program.poor.lost to a Wisconsin station(WAUK) which was previously logged.
730 bubbling similar to what has been heard on 930.0053-0057 3.4.10 .poor in null of semi-local WLIL,Lenoir City,Tn. SRF-59 barefoot.
notes:Did not hear the FL VOA station on 1180.I checked for a// for Enciclopedia 530 on 1260 and 1410 but nothing heard.A Spanish speaking station was heard underneath the dominant station on 560(which was in English) between 0036-0050 .But sleepiness set in and could hardly keep the eyes open.So i will periodically recheck for this.
73 and good dx.
Carl DeWhitt

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