Re: Introduction & 1st post

w2gjw <w2gjw@...>

Gary, & et al...

Thanks for all your warm welcomes to this group.

Conditions were fairly good last night. I had hets on 1360, probably
Spain 1359, and also noted a big het on 910, most likely the U.K. on
909 Khz.

I will have more time to spend DXing this evening. I'll report any
TAs I'm able to log with my SRF-59. Hopefully conditions will be good!

73 & good DX to all....
W2GJW (FN20wu)
New Jersey, USA

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To Gary (W2GJW),

Thank you for your introductory post, and welcome to our
group. We are all happy to have you with us, as we face the
excitement of our
first full pocket radio DXing season.

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