Re: SS station, TOH ID, 670 kHz.

Kirk <kirk74601@...>

Will try that one tonight. Sri I didn't see your posting until just a while ago. Normally the only sta in SS I can hear there is Rebelde (2 diff. xmtrs sometimes denoted by a distinguishable echo). Will let you know if I have any luck.
Kirk Allen
Pasadena, TX

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Jim, Kirk,
A friend in Hawaii is hearing electronic pips, similar (but not same music) to the old NBC 4 or 5 note ID, but electronic in nature on 670 kHz. It is a Latin American station, SS. Any ideas? It is not Reloj, no "RR" in CW. I tried to listen for him last night but only heard TOH at 6:00 UTC. I tried at 3:02 UTC and had two SS on at once--did hear a quick musical horn do a fast 4-5 note set. Ideas on that one, too?
Plan on trying to night at local sunset.

73 Gil
Savannah, GA

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