UNID on 540 in German

kirk74601 <kirk74601@...>

Hi Guys,
On 9/15 from 0225-0242 UTC on 540 khz. I heard a station broadcasting
in the German language! (suspect a domestic sta because of its strength)
I'm certain my ears weren't playing tricks on me. Hrd more than one
mention of "deutsch". They even played some mx that indeed sounded like
it was being sung in German. Well, I'm scratching my head on this UNID.
Anyone have any idea who this could be? At 0242 I lost them to stronger
stations such as KDFT, Ferris, TX and XEWA. I'll be checking the freq
often when I can, but I'm unable to check it at that hour until Wed
evening. Will update this here if I should hear this oddity again. Any
help is greatly appreciated. 73 to ya!

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