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since your radios source was willing to send you a replacement part.... maybe they will let you return it for a new radio!! can't hurt to try.

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Hi all... I had posted earlier about the tuning knob on my PL-380 breaking. Well I got a replacement tuner part for it, and installed it... but, it doesn't seem to work right. I can feel the clicks when it turns, but it won't change anything on the display, tune the radio, change the sleep timer setting, etc.
We (my dad & I) haven't had the chance to put the old tuner back in with the new knob (although the parts would physically fit - basically what happened with the old one is the tuner knob broke off of the post, which remained in the hole in the actual tuner part), but we have done a couple tests. When rotating the tuning knob, each click alternates between continuity and discontinuity between the leads. It is always the same for all 3 possibilities of connections (we measured the 3 leads on one side of it) - if one connection is open, the other connections will be open. Both tuner parts behaved the same way. Also we traced the connections on the PCB to the nearest components from those 3 leads, and those are all good. (We had been concerned that the heat of the soldering iron may have damaged the PCB while soldering the new tuner on, though.)
Update (while composing post): we may have found a broken connection from one of the leads... so will attempt soldering a wire across it then will see what happens.
If that doesn't work... does anyone have suggestions about how to fix the tuner? I should mention that although the frequency won't change and the radio doesn't tune when rotating the knob, it does show the arrows in the display indicating that the knob is being rotated.
Also, how far has sdwillingham gotten with any attempt to permanently defeat the PL-380's soft mute? I would like to cure it in my PL-380 asap. I'm sure that replacing the loopstick would help, but I'll still be listening to some fringe signals at nighttime.
Speaking of replacing the loopstick, I'm thinking about trying to find a way to put it in the place where the 2 in-line AA batteries go, as there's more room there, and I think it'd be farther from some of the internal circuitry that I suspect is responsible for some of the internally-generated heterodynes. But, then I'd need to find a way to have a 3.6V power supply as I'd only have 1 AA battery remaining. Any suggestions on doing this?
Also, are my expectations too high or is my PL-380 not as resistant to overloading as I was hoping? Last weekend I was in L.A. visiting my grandparents, and walked up the street Saturday afternoon right before sunset to see if my PL-380 was really all that resistant to overloading.

OK haha LOL actually that's not quite how close my PL-380 was to 1430 KMRB's tower. :) A more accurate pic is below...

OK.... how do you imbed images in the post like I saw in the pic of the G8 schematic several posts earlier? I tried using the img src tags and it didn't work, there's no image button when using the rich-text editior, and when clicking view html source I come up with a blank compose window.

In tuning up and down the band (I had to use the keypad as my tuning knob wasn't working properly), the signal was reading 50dBu from 960 to 1710 kHz, and from 690 to about 950 it was 49dBu, and didn't dip much below 45dBu until going below 600 kHz, all using the 1kHz bandwidth setting. Also, the audio for any local stations I was able to hear within that range was quite muted. (I didn't hear chatter from KMRB's sidebands more than about 15-20kHz away, though.) As far as any TPs pr TAs on 1431 (the local 50kW pest, which was about 415 feet away, was on 1430), I was unable to hear any trace of anything, in spite of the fact that I was on the side of the local pest where the null in the pattern was. Also, I was unable to hear any trace of 1420 XEXX Tijuana or 1440 KDIF Riverside, even though radio-locator shows their signals as reaching where I was at the time. So what gives? Is the PL-380 not as resistant to overloading and not quite as selective as I had hoped after reading the glowing reviews? I was hoping to build one of the large loops (after I do a stealth loopstick mod), but considering I live within a few miles of a couple 50kW stations (one is 50K daytime (KCBQ) and the other is 50k nighttime (KFMB)), I'm concerned that I may have some difficulty doing split-channel DXing. Any suggestions for getting around this without changing my location?

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