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Gary DeBock

Hi John,
Thanks for your question, and of course you may submit new Ultralight Award applications after changing locations, and starting over. You may even submit applications for successful DXing during a vacation to a remote location, as far as I know. Rob and I certainly want the Awards Program to be as user-friendly as possible, and hope that it will motivate all of our group to really "push the limits" in ULR-DXing.
As far as "starting over," I guess many of the TP-DXers (both traditional and ULR) are kind of starting over in a way, after John's sudden accident. But we feel that the best way to honor him is to continue following his example of unselfish service to others, and continue DXing (and related experimentation) as he would do himself.
73, Gary
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Gary and Rob: Thanks for keeping the awards program alive and well. So, if changing locations and starting over, can we apply for the same awards over again?  :)

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Hello All,
Thanks to the contributions of many DXers who submitted sample copies of John's artwork, Rob Ross' continuing (and superb) volunteer work to review applications, and a crash course here in Adobe Photoshop processing techniques, the Ultralight Awards Committee (Rob and I) is now prepared to issue any of the diverse Award Certificates previously designed and sent out by John Bryant.
The two highest Award Levels ("Master DXer" and "Centurian" awards) have yet to be issued by our restored committee, but we look forward to honoring those DXers who succeed in chasing ULR-DX at the highest level-- and are more than prepared to give them these "gold medals" of Ultralight DXing!.
Although I was not personally one of the DXers who applied for many of John's certificates (and was occasionally chastised in a friendly manner because of this), I had recently qualified for the Centurian Award by receiving 100 stations from Asia, and now certainly wish that John had received my application (since we were very close in chasing TP's with Ultralight radios).
Thanks very much to the DXers who have already submitted 12 applications to our restored committee, and for supporting our program to continue honoring John's Bryant's legacy.
73 and Good Ultralight DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA) 

John Mosman
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