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> The thing about this ULing, I have found, is I am listening to a whole lot more religious talk than I ever did in my agnostic life. (And a lot of political screamers that I had always avoided because as a journalist, I believe a story has more than one side.) They do seem to be the most powerful stations on any frequency and, like Hebrew National hotdogs, answer only to a higher authority.

Money. :) The last time I DXed in earnest, "Sultans of Swing" was all over the dial. That was programming I could believe in.

> I have a lot of trouble figuring out the IDs in Spanish, though.

Yes, it's hard to tell the Cubans and Mexicans from the Floridians sometimes. Usually, the Cuban announcers are more mellow. Cuban-Americans sound like angry schoolmasters. Colombians are more hyperkinetic (wonder why?), and Mexicans just sound happy all the time. (Can you tell I've listened to a lot of Spanish-language stations?)

Time of day and observed propagation conditions can give hints. You wouldn't expect to hear Mexico at sunset here in Florida, as it's still daylight there. So if you're hearing Urban Mexican music, chances are it's a local. Beam heading for nulls is another good indicator. If it nulls N-S it's probably not coming from E-W. Then you hit the Frequency Page  and WRTH, and try to sort it out some more.

As a last resort, you can record the ID and ask someone with better Spanish to translate. I keep a Sony MP3 recorder permanently plugged in while listening. Especially when there is interference, being able to replay the ID often helps. Too bad they don't ID with phonetics!


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