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Tony Germanotta

The thing about this ULing, I have found, is I am listening to a whole lot more religious talk than I ever did in my agnostic life. (And a lot of political screamers that I had always avoided because as a journalist, I believe a story has more than one side.) They do seem to be the most powerful stations on any frequency and, like Hebrew National hotdogs, answer only to a higher authority. 

The Hondurans would be a nice catch. I have a lot of trouble figuring out the IDs in Spanish, though. I sit on a frequency and they go into their TOH or BOH patter and I never do know when they are giving a call sign. Even the US stations I find are pretty lax in identifying in English anymore. 

I caught one this morning, though, WMET 1160 in Gaithersburg Md. that went nearly the entire hour before giving an Engish ID. I needed the SAT for this one, it's a pretty long haul for late morning. There was lots of patter between songs that probably would have provided a clue. But the music was fun.  I guess I'll have to do a little Rosseta Stoning or be content to rule out half of the bandscans.

On Feb 26, 2010, at 11:40 AM, jim_kr1s wrote:


Fired up the PL-380 at 0945Z today. That's 4:45 a.m. local time. First check was 530, where RVC and R Enciclopedia were at opposing nulls, but both pretty weak. Cuba did not ID at TOH as they usually do, but there was the F announcer and instrumental music, and I doubt anything from Toronto made it this far south today.  This means I have to get up early next Thursday morning to see whether yesterday's situation was exceptional.

After checking for new Cubans (none) and a scan of 1240, 1410, 1440, where I could use a few new ones, 1410 paid off. 1030Z 1410 WRHB Leesburg, FL clear ID, recorded, bringing total ULR Florida stations to 121. Gospel station WRJD in Durham, NC was in all the time. I swear, these religious stations don't know what it means to reduce power at night. Sunrise in Durham was 1148Z, so they were cheating, as their night-time power is supposed to be 290 W. My antenna isn't that good!

Thought I had a good one by nulling WSM 650 in Nashville, at 1045Z. In normal conditions, even nulled they are strong here, but today they just about disappeared, and up poppsed a man and woman speaking Spanish. A check of WRTH doesn't show any strong Mexicans on 650, but there are a couple in Honduras, and the signal peak agreed with that. Worth following up, when WSM isn't too loud. Had a probable Mexican playing music on 700, under the weakened WLW, but couldn't get an ID.

What will tomorrow morning bring? (For some reason these early mornings were easier 45 years ago.)  Sunrise (and pre-sunrise -- sunrise here is about 1150Z this week) is more interesting here lately than sunset. ULR total now 334.


Jim, KR1S 

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