Re: Receiving Your First Thrilling TP on a Stock Ultraligh...

Gary DeBock

Hi Richard,
     This morning's TP's were pretty substandard here on the west coast (around our sunrise peak at 1320 UTC), but propagation can change greatly within a couple of hours, so it's possible that JOUB-774 was indeed causing the heterodyne on your R75 around 1100.  774 is a pretty odd frequency for any domestic station to have a spur or image issue, and JOUB certainly has the strength to make it to Oklahoma, especially on a sensitive receiver like the R75.
     Logging JOUB-774 on a stock Ultralight in Oklahoma would be more of a challenge.  If you can pull it off, you would probably qualify for the Ultralight Radio Hall of Fame, Richard  :>)
     73,, Gary.

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