Re: MI LOG F I N A L L Y ! ! !

Tony Germanotta

Have you tried WDEL 1150?  That's usually pretty easy for me here in Chesapeake, Va. Of course I have the salt water path to credit. Wait until the baseball season starts and look for the Phillies' broadcast there. It's one of their key network affiliates.

On Feb 25, 2010, at 8:33 PM, Randy B wrote:


Nice catch, Byron! I've logged 27 states from here in northeastern PA but I can't snag anything in Delaware. WDOV is 131 mi from me. You give me hope! I'll have to try sitting on 1410.

Randy Brown
East Stroudsburg PA
G8 barefoot

--- In, "wa8lcz" wrote:
> Feb 24 Wen
> 1410 WDOV Dover Delaware 1730 EST 5k 5k newsradio 452 mi #250 state #34
> **** ant pattern SE
> I sat on 1410 for weeks, morning and night, copied 8 other stations PA OH PA CT KY NY MI IL until WDOV popped up out of the noise, a lot of noise, now he's in the log forever.
> Byron wa8lcz nr Detroit Mi stations heard 250
> Kenwood TS450S litz loop 34 in sq V2.0

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