Some new Cubans, and a surprise

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Operation Bay of Sigs continues. There are 76 Cuban stations in the log (23% of my ULR total) or, as Glen Hauser would say, I have reached the semi-sesqui-centurian-plus-one level. Not sure the last 24 are possible from here, but braced with 8 oz of espresso I hit the beach, err, band at 1000Z today. That's 5 a.m. local time. This coincided with sunrise over Guantanamo, eastern Cuba, and the plan was to catch some daytime-only Cubans as they came on the air. Last night, map in one hand, WRTH in the other, I plotted a few, east-to-west, by province. Operation BoS does not lack for planning! It paid off, with two new R Rebeldes in Guantanamo province right away on 550 and 580, and a R Progreso in Santa Clara on 680 and a R Sagua (after the city of Sagua La Grande, birthplace of former U.S. senator from Florida Mel Martinez) in Villa Clara on 1540 a while later.

But something else turned up as well. The ubiquitous R Enciclopedia was missing from 530! In its place could only have been a U.S. propaganda station, perhaps airborne. Here's a short recording:  I'm counting this as a logged station, but not for any geographic location, as it was probably an airplane. It faded into the noise about 1027Z; when I checked 530 later, R Enciclopedia was booming in.

As usual, PL-380 with modified internal loop, not that you need a great antenna to hear Cuba from Florida! The espresso maker is by far the more-useful accessory.


Jim, KR1S 

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