Re: Congratulations (again) to Chris Knight-- Ultralight TP and TA DXer!

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> Hello All,
> Chris Knight of Fort Lupton, Colorado has amazed Rob Ross and me with his
> superb DXing accomplishments this past season,

It's the thin air up in the Rockies. And I have it on his good authority that modest intake of a good Cabernet prior to DXing greatly improves S/N ratio!
> The same does not seem to be true with TP's on the east coast, which seem
> to elude almost all ULR DXers.

Yeah, but Saudi Arabia and UAE are  about as far from the East Coast as Japan is from the West Coast, and they count for Asia. Then we have Europe, Africa and South America at lesser distances. We just need to wait a few million years for Oz to slide a little closer.


Jim, KR1S 

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