Florida recordings

jim_kr1s <jkearman@...>

Some recordings from last night, and one of Radio Reloj.

ZNS-3 810, Bahamas. This one should make you smile! http://kearman.com/images/ZNS-3_2300Z.mp3 

Croatia 1134 with news in EE, really booming in: http://kearman.com/images/croatia-1134-2320Z-022310.mp3

R Farda 1575, not too bad, either: http://kearman.com/images/Farda-0120Z-022410.mp3

PJB, TWR 800, back to regular programming: http://kearman.com/images/TWR_0200Z_022410.mp3

R Reloj 570 ID: http://kearman.com/images/R_Reloj_ID.mp3

Recorded with Sony ICD UX-70 on PL-380 with modified internal loop antenna, about 340 uH.


Jim, KR1S

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