Re: Tecsun PL-310 rechargeable batteries

Phil Pasteur

Thos sound just like the ones I got with the three different PL--310 radios that I have purchased. Yes they are NiMH rechargeable batteries. The best I could tell from the chinese markings is that they are rated for 2400 mAh. I tested the 9 that have gone through my hands. They ranged from about 1600 down to 1100 mAh. There was one that tested way low in each group of three. As they run in series, you will be limited by the one with the lowest capacity. I did not get acceptable run time with the provided batteries. I decided to just get rid of them and put some Eneloops in there that all were testing close to 2000 mAh. I get much better results now. Though it is a nice touch that they supply batteries, what you get doesn't seem to be very high quality. My recommendation would be to get some good name brand low self discharge cells like the Sanyo Eneloops to use in your new radio.


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New Tecsun PL-310 from China was supposed to include rechargeable batteries. 3 Tecsun QN1000m Size R6 1.2 volt batteries were included. Are these rechargeable? Or, are they regular batteries?


Kraig, KG4LAC

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