Receiving Your First Thrilling TP on a Stock Ultralight Radio

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     As some of you are aware, John Bryant plans to combine my "first TP" suggestions with the "first TA" suggestions of Mark Connelly, and create a PDF file on giving instructions to pocket radio users how to make these extremely thrilling receptions. John is currently in Peru, and probably will not have time to complete this project until his return, late this month.
     In the interim, because phenomenal TP peaks are already occurring this month (such as yesterday's sunrise peak, and that of September 6th), I have written and posted a temporary file on entitled "Receiving Your First Thrilling TP on a Stock Ultralight Radio."  This file provides any interested ULR owner with a complete, step-by-step guide to receiving TP's on a stock pocket radio, including a propagation primer, discussing the function and use of SSB spotting receivers, a list of powerhouse TP stations, and many other suggestions.  Although the file was generally written for TP chasers, the basic concepts also apply for east coast TA chasers, especially the instruction on the use of SSB spotting receivers.
     When John returns from Peru, the current file on will either be removed or combined with another TA-related file, to provide full instructions to the enthusiast group on making these thrilling transoceanic receptions on stock pocket radios.  Good luck!
     73,  Gary DeBock   

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