robert ross

Hi Guys:

It's been pretty slim pickens with absolutely Nothing NEW logged in the last 7 days...despite many hours of DXing at different times of the day!! Conditions here have been quite noisy...and the extended Daylight Hours are slowing things down quite a bit it seems.

Tonight at SUNSET though, I did manage a NEW LOG for the ULR LOG....it is a RELOG for the OVERALL LOG however.

This is the infamous station that has been throwing the massive het on 1040 Khz for the past Month or so......Finally got some Audio out of these guys after listening to their Off Frequency Het every night for quite some time!!

RADIO USED............SONY SRF-T615 ULR Barefoot

ULR LOG TOTALS are now.....811 STATIONS Heard

73..........ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

1040 WJTB North Ridgeville, OHIO Feb/23/10 1738 EST EE FAIR
Black Gospel Music Program @ Tune In. "The Afternoon Praise Party
with Ace Alexander". (Matches their Program Schedule)
Throwing a loud het as well on the frequency.
In WHO Null...but mixing at times with WHO. More Gospel Music til
1800 EST then ID as WJTB.

RELOG......But NEW ULR # 811 5 KW DAYS

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