Re: Rewinding PL-310 Stock Bar with 40/44 Litz Wire

Gary DeBock

Hello Billy,
Thanks for sharing the details on your PL-310 experiment, and I'm happy that you enjoyed much improved high-band reception in your PL-310 with the 81-turn 40/44 Litz wire coil on the stock ferrite far.
It seems that in both the PL-310 and PL-380, replacing the unknown Chinese Litz wire with higher quality 40/44 wire provides a decent boost in AM and LW sensitivity, even when using the same stock ferrite bars. Thanks also for sharing the details about your method of removing the PL-310 ferrite bar. Have fun DXing with your rejuvenated radio!
73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA)    
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Any info of anybody trying a rewind on the existing ferrite bar in a PL-300 with 40/44 Litz ?? - poss an 81 turns setup just like a PL-310 or 380 !
I rewound my PL-310 with 81 turns - shifted to a sweet spot while tuned to 1700kc and the result was a much improved high end reception compared to stock wind !---  ZOWIE !!
I have a PL-380 ver. 2 on order - but would poss like to dig into my PL-300 first !
I found an easy way to remove the ferrite bar out of my PL-310 was to use a large box cutter knife and drag it lengthwise under the bar from one end to the other while pressing inward toward the PCB (numerous times) - cuts all the old litz wire on the bottom side of the bar to shreds - but eventually it cuts thru the contact cement under the bar - pull out the bar - clean it up - rewind with 40/44 Litz - find a sweet spot at 1700kc on the bemch before installation - and set back in with a coouple dabs of rubber cement
I wrapped the bar with 65 lb cardstock paper snug - just snug enuff to still be able to shift back & forth on the bar - then start winding with 40/44 - easy job indeed !

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Hello All,
During this weekend when many of us are watching the Vancouver Olympics competition (a three-hour drive from here), we wish to honor an Ohio DXer who has had podium-worthy success in receiving Canadian provinces with barefoot Ultralight radios-- Alex Kaminski.
Alex recently submitted documentation to our Ultralight Awards Committee for receiving four Canadian provinces from Ohio, and Rob Ross and I take great pleasure in awarding him the Four Canadian Provinces Heard Award, using John Bryant's original artwork. We hope that Alex will continue to have great success in his Ultralight DXing, and thank him for supporting our program to honor John's legacy.
73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA) 
An extensive group of awards certificates is available from the Ultralight MW DXing Awards Committee. Each recipient receives a digital file which may be used for electronic display or is suitable for framing when printed at 8 12" x 11" on good quality paper. Information on the Awards Program and the simple application procedures are found in the Downloads>Ultralight Files>General Information area of and our own file area here at ultralightdx. Applications go directly to Rob Ross <>

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