Re: My ULR test

Gary DeBock

Hi Powell,
Thanks for telling us about the great performance of your Panasonic RF-032D "Mr. Thin" pocket radio. At the time the model was manufactured, there was intense competition between Panasonic and Sony, which resulted in the development of many of these miniature wonders (like the Sony ICR-S2, an extremely small radio based on the ICF-S5 design). I'm happy that you are having a lot of fun with the RF-032D.
Regarding the Tecsun R9012 and Sony SRF-59 models, though, I'm pretty sure you mean "alignment" rather than "modification." Alignment simply ensures that the loopstick provides maximum AM sensitivity in a model, and leaves the radio circuitry unchanged (still in the "barefoot" state). Of course, even the very best AM alignment will not give a model any more sensitivity than its RF circuitry allows-- it just helps the radio reach its maximum AM-DXing potential.
73 and Good DX,
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My ULR test to see what the RF-032D Panasonic "Mr.Thin"  is really like.  I expected it to do pretty well.  But it handily beat out these:

Sangean DT-400W
Kaito WRX-911
Tecsun R9012 (Gary modified)
Sony SRF-59 (Gary Modified)
Eton / Grundig G8
It was about equal or slightly better than my Eton E-10 which I do not consider that much of an ultralite. 


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