Three more for the Log and it's my 1st year ULR anniversary.


Well I got to DX some more sunset after two days of not being able to, because of school.

 I got three more and a tease. One should be as obvious as the nose on our faces.  I've never reported for I foolishly had blinders on, while I was in a states heard race. If I heard stations that were from states I already logged, I ignored them. And I never put them in my general log for the stations heard total, especially if it was a 50 Kw guerrilla. Now as I study my logs nightly along with a "dupe" system in place, I now have a better picture of my strengths and weaknesses and "frequency holes" (frequencies that I've never logged anything), yet another weapon in the ULR AM-DX, arsenal.

  It's neat to see how much I've learned, organized and grown in the AM-DX hobby in just a years time. And I looked at the log and the calender, Realized it was my first year of DXing ULR style. So I'm now a little older and a little wiser!!

   Enough about me here are this evenings logs.

  All were logged with a barefoot SRF-59, all time are in UTC. AMP stands for Air Mile Path from the stations area of service to my QTH in Springboro, OH.

770 WABC NY,NY 19 February 2010 2328 UTC EE Fair AMP 546 Mi
Heard: Mark Levin show, Station ID News about Tiger Woods, transit bus crash, WX and another ID.
ULR LOG: # 101 50 Kw    
790 WKRD Louisville, KY 19 February 2010 2332-2341 UTC EE POOR AMP 121 Mi
Heard: Fox Sports New affiliate, ID , Sports talks show discussing Tiger Woods and another ID into commercials. Audio was mixing with WNIS audio plus a third station.
ULR LOG: # 102 5 Kw / 1 Kw
790 WNIS Norfolk, VA 19 February 2010 2332-2359 UTC EE POOR to FAIR AMP 171 Mi
Heard: Michael Savage Show, a station ID in to the news.
ULR LOG:# 103 5 Kw

And then theirs the tease. Also heard on 790 KHz, I heard some music, oldies with The Shirlles song "Will you love me tomorrow" and the Doors "Break on Through (the Other Side)" I looked at several stations in the AM Radio Log and this music might fall under nostalgia but it could have been WPRV Providence, RI an oldies formatted station. Unfortunately the station disappeared in to the mud as it got dark without any other clues in the aid of identification. Such is life. It would've been nice to log a elusive New England state and the smallest state in the union to boot!!!  

   Alex N8UCN / KOH8IG / SWLR-RN037

" The ear of the Cinn-Day corridor"  

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