Piles of Ultralites


I had been looking for one I could listen to on my daily dog walk I call "The Morning Mile".   ALL of the current UltraLights had something negative that made them a bit inconvenient.  A friend of mine reminded me of the Panasonic "Mr.Thin" series from around 1980, and he has 3 of them. He recently got a RF-032D to replace the one he has that is worn out. He said it was very hot, and I remembered mine, which got stolen.  I got a one yesterday on Ebay, and it's in great shape, and yes it is smokin' hot. It is thin enough to be in my shirt pocket and not be a pain. It plays loudly and I can do the dog walk without having to continually do something to the radio..... like HOLD it.  I will be testing it against some of the new whiz bang ones I have now. 
POP email is powell at backroads DOT net

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