Re: IBOC and ssb or sync detection

Gary Kinsman

The 2010 shouldn't "automatically" be selecting the sideband in sync mode. Mine doesn't work this way.

Also, listen to the 2010 in sync mode on an IBOC station, and you'll hear digital "rushing" noise, no matter which sideband is selected. On the E1/E1XM, in DSB sync, this noise is absent.

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Then,  [  on the 2010  ]    when I have, lets say WLAC tuned in and I press sync and there is a severe selective fade, the radio automatically finds the best sideband to switch to.... on super bad strong selective fades I've seen the red LED switch back and forth rapidly. A standard AM radio was totally unlistenable, while the Sony was fine. The G3 does NOT do this and will drop out of sync mode MOST ungracefully.    

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