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> The DX-specialist receivers are not at the market till now. We should wait for them and demand them. The classical DX-receiver producers will die because of their historical technique.

The Icom R-9500, at only US$16,o00.00. This receiver can be produced because there is a large market beyond hobbyists. At 20 kg, it sure isn't an ultralight! This top-performing receiver has features that can't be implemented in DSP alone, such as roofing filters and LC bandpass filters. SSB alone doesn't make a DX radio, and real DX-ability won't fit in a ULR-sized box. Some things can still be done better with lumped analog components.

ULRs are fun, but there are good reasons why some DXers use ICF-2010s etc as spotting radios. For less than US$100 and their small size, you get a lot of performance, but I think we're approaching the upper limit.


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