basic facts on DX-receivers

Wolfgang Hartmann


Ultralight Radios

There is a big step in the technique of radios generally by:

Software Defined Radio
DSP receivers

We have the advantage that by newer technique there is a lot of progress working

- Sharp shape factors in overall filtering at hf and audio

- Freqency-stability by comparison to a xtal-frequency within
software (in a programm or chip as DSP-chips)

- Working in digital mode with a lot of advantages

The new chips, SI4734, SI4735, work in DSP-mode. They are in use at Kchibo or Tecsun in China for the purpose to generate a very cheap production price. They too work in Navigation Advices. There are similiar ics too.

The main purpose till now, is the reducing of production costs. To have very little effective radios for the chinese market.

Till now, they are working perfectly under FM.

SW-working needs generally a wire some few meters long connected to the antenna.

MW und LW working with a ferrit-rod antenna connected to a long wire antenna.

There is not at the moment a DSP-receiver for DX-interested people.
Some features should be built in as SSB, LSB, USB maybee others too as specialities as DRM, DRM+, DAB.

Kchibo announced a receiver KK-S7600L with SSB-features. And we should wait for more receivers for DX-specialists.

The DX-community all over the world has a special interest in receiving even weak stations all over the world. The new factor on the market for our interests are the normal DSP-receivers, which we are able to use to a certain content.

The DX-specialist receivers are not at the market till now. We should wait for them and demand them. The classical DX-receiver producers will die because of their historical technique.

I love old tube receivers from the time before World War II. One has to ask, why those old renovated receivers are so fascinating even more than „modern" DX-receivers. The future will show, that we give a lot of classical receivers to radio-museums or collectors (a fascinating hobby)!

Wolfgang Hartmann, Nürnberg

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