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I tried an's sensitivity off of the whip was similar to the G5. I was hoping for a miracle off of the whip (which I'm sure isn't possible to engineer, but hope springs eternal...) Of course, the superior sync modes and 10 Hz ssb increments allowed for superb ECSS listening. Both sidebands sounded identical on the E1. As is the case with my G3, the SONY 7600 GR sounded more natural on the upper sideband, muddier on the lower, although again, not unpleasantly so. On mw, the whip proved ok sensitivitywise, but un-nullabe. In am mode on sw, the G5 is beadier, less steady, weaker on the weaker signals than the G5. On ssb (or sync), the G3 is much closer in (perceived) sensitivity with the G5.
On your G3' you have local station mixing products when utilizing ssb or sync? I find that I can defeat this by touching the bottom of the antenna as I hold the radio, or by using the attenuation switch. The G5 and SONY 7600 GR did not suffer from this.

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>  You would think with all the DSP power that can be written into the chips they would have done a better job.

I guess they don't think the market is there. I'd like to try an E1. What I've read makes me think you're lucky to get a good one, though.


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