Re: IBOC and ssb or sync detection

Gary Kinsman

Hi Powell,

Actually the Sony 2010 has SSB sync (USB or LSB), but not DSB sync. I've owned one for about 24 years.

I owned several E1XM units, but never got one that worked totally right.

The best sync detector of my current radios is on my Sat 800, but it doesn't have DSB sync.

Both the E1/E1XM and Sat 800 have better sync detectors than the Sony 2010, but I doubt that these two models will still be working after more than 20 years.


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The Sony ICF-2010 has DSB sync, but I hear the E-1's is superior. I often get very strong selective fades on WLAC, and with the G3 it gets rather upset on these deep fades. It doesn't bother the 2010 much, but on really bad ones the upper / lower LED switches back and forth. You would think with all the DSP power that can be written into the chips they would have done a better job. Sensitivity on MW and SW need to seriously be improved. Of course I can use one of the tuneable loops on MW to perk things up, but I don't want to HAVE to unless I have to and WLAC is my strongest AM signal at night and on the G3 it's barely OK. At least WLAC and WCKY don't have their IBOC on right now.

Powell in the woods near Silverstreet, SC

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