Re: IBOC and ssb or sync detection

Gary Kinsman

Hi Richard,

I believe the post on ABDX regarding the IBOC digital sideband layout, and the resulting interference, is correct.

One other thing to keep in mind is that KNX itself is an IBOC station. It's a local for me, but using SSB sync to listen to it results in a lot of digital noise. DSB sync, like that on the Eton E1 series, solves this problem. I believe the E1 is the only portable with DSB sync. I wish Eton would have added this sync mode to the G3 as well.


--- In ultralightdx@..., Richard Berler <lrdheat@...> wrote:

I had a question concerning IBOC and sync: A strong signal (at least at my QTH in Laredo, TX) from an IBOC station (KRLD Dallas 1080 KHz) creates quite a bit of hash on 1070 and 1090. When using my Grundig G3 on 1070 (KNX Los Angeles), I was expecting to have less hash on the lower sideband or lower sideband sync than on the upper sideband (or upper sideband sync. Surprisingly (to me), the signal from 1070 was cleaner on upper sideband! When I checked for reception of a station on 1090, the LOWER sideband was cleaner! Why would this be?

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