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> The G3, by contrast, is sensitive below around 1100 KHz, and much less by the time frequencies above 1400 KHz are tuned in. The situation improves when tuning sync or ECSS style, but still remains less sensitive than the G5.

How does the G3 compare with the G5 on LW? It sure sounds as though the antenna isn't tuning well at the high end of the band. If there were too many turns on the antenna winding, LW and low-MW reception would be good, and perhaps better on the G3 than on the G5. I'd be tempted to do an internal antenna mod in that case. What the heck it's not a legal ULR anyway, might as well. :)

If the BFO is adjustable, then there is no need to align it. I can't explain why one sideband sounds different than the other, but whatever is causing that, combined with the IBOC protocol, would explain the effects you're hearing.

I had an ICF-2010 many moons ago, and never found sync detection that useful on the BCB, with so many signals. Once you get two or more carriers on one frequency, the sync detector doesn't know what to do. ECSS sometimes helps on weak signals, but what I'd really like to see on the next-gen of SiLabs chips is a heterodyne detector that would recognize a continuous tone (I guess it would have to work at audio freqs) and notch it in software. Trans-oceanic listeners would love that!


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