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Thanks for the kind words. Don't have any of the ones you listed. Will probably be some time before I do as I keep hearing the same ones over and over.

Haven't even thought about trying to build my own loop yet. I'm really not technically oriented, seem to mess up everything I've ever tried to build. My interest in HAM radio is mainly cw.

I did order and am waiting on delivery, one of the Q-Stick + antennas. Sounded interesting and wasn't too much money. I'll let you know how it works when I get it.



On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 3:06 PM, wa8lcz <wa8lcz@...> wrote:

Hi Tony,

Congrats on 20 States Heard. wonder if have any i don't have yet ?
how about ME, NH, VT, DE, AL, SD ?????

Have you built your indoor loop antenna yet ? it will be necessary to get the hard states. i just hooked up a DSP (digital signal processing) unit to my receivers audio today. its the JPS NIR-12 and goes between the receive audio out and my external amp/speaker. I'm hearing a bunch of 1kw stations, best dx is 1 Chicago IL. also have 1 Ohio, in addition to 5 MI stations.

the WWJ iboc hash is pretty severe here, wiping out all of 940 and most of 960 kc. 940 is where i picked up MS (before iboc).

byron wa8lcz nr Detroit

--- In ultralightdx@..., Antonios Kekalos >
> 2.15.10, AM 630, CFCO, Chatham, ON, 237mi/381km, 10k/6k, //92.9, Sony
> SRF-M37V
> 2.16.10, AM 1190, WOWO, Fort Wayne, IN, 261mi/420km, 50k/9.8k, Sony SRF-M37V
> 2.16.10, AM 1500, WLQV, Detroit, MI, 213mi/343km, 50k/5k, Sony SRF-M37V
> 2.16.10, AM 1510, WLAC, Nashville, TN, 589mi/949km, 50k/50k, Sony SRF-M37V
> --
> Tony Kekalos
> Traverse City, MI
> SWLR-RN072
> EN74es

Tony Kekalos
Traverse City, MI

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