SSB decoding in SDRs and as procedure (algorithm) in the digital software

Wolfgang Hartmann

Hallo Jim,

as far as I understood the technique of decoding SSB, there is a relationship to AM-decoding.

In AM, the software-author takes two signal parts of the total AM-signal after decoding and adds it to an AM-signal. The software seems to take mainly the LSB and the USB signal part and after this, for AM are LSB and USB added in the right phase situation, to "produce" AM.

For this technique, You need not generally a special hardware signal, it could be done very easily by the software.

Some softwares for SDRs have this technique. Because of that, it is only the installation in a software algorithm, to get LSB und USB.

We should wait for coming DSP-receivers. Kchibo mentioned a planned new receiver for SSB too. Have a look in the internet to the not yet produced receiver: KK-S7600L

With best regards

Wolfgang Hartmann, N├╝rnberg

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