ULR Enthusiast Group Gift to Colin

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     On Saturday, Guy Atkins and I had the distinct honor of welcoming Colin and Andrea Newell (and their friend Sara, from Toronto) to a Seattle coffee shop, during which a very enjoyable conversation ensued.
     All Ultralight Radio enthusiasts have benefited greatly from Colin's generous offer of extensive resources on the dxer.ca web site, which is quickly becoming one of the world's premier AM-DX hobby venues. The experimental and technical files on dxer.ca provide fascinating information not only for pocket radio DX enthusiasts, but for the general AM-DX and Shortwave listening community as well.
     On behave of a deeply appreciative ULR enthusiast group, it was my honor to present Colin with a small token of our gratitude, a new Sangean DT-400W Ultralight radio.  It is our sincere wish that this top-rated ULR will thrill his socks off this DX season, and enhance his recent tendency to jump out of bed prior to sunrise.
     73,  Gary DeBock 

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